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Garage Door Repair in Woodinville, WA

If you are looking for dependable garage door service, then look no further. Garage Door Repair Woodinville, WA has the garage door repair solutions for every need. We recruit the most experienced technicians for our team. The products that we use are top of the line. 

Repairs From Reputable Professionals

When our customers contact us because their garage door is broken, we work quickly. Our technicians are dispatched as soon as we receive your call. Once they arrive at your location, they will work efficiently to identify the cause of the problem. They make repairs on all makes and models of garage doors. Repairs that they make regularly include:

  • Replacing broken door panels
  • Replacing broken cables
  • Lubrication springs  or replacing broken springs
  • Cleaning sensors or replacing sensors that no longer work correctly
  • Replacing lost remotes
  • Repairing or replacing tracks
  • Lubrication or replacing rollers
  • Trolley repairs
  • Opener repairs

They will discuss their findings and suggested solutions with you before making any repairs. Our goal is to leave every customer satisfied. 

We Only Top of the Line Products

We know that your garage door is valuable, and we would never want to put any parts in your door that would diminish that value. This is why we only partner with manufacturers that produce top of the line products that our customers have come to trust. Our technicians keep these products on hand and will only use parts that are made for your door. 

The Purpose of The Emergency Release Cord

Your garage door should have a red rope that hangs from the trolley component of the system. This is your emergency release cord. These cords are installed so that you have the ability to exit your garage even if there is no electricity. This feature can be critical if you ever experience a power outage for an extended period of time. 

Always make sure that your garage door is closed before pulling the emergency release cord. Doing so while the door is open is hazardous because the door could fall closed. The weight of the door could cause serious damage or injury. Call us if your door will not close. We will send a technician out immediately to get it fixed.

Once you have closed your door, pull the cord down and away from the door. This causes the opener carriage and the trolley to disconnect from each other. You can now open and close your garage door manually.

When you no longer need to operate your door by hand, you will pull the cord down and towards the door. This will make the trolley reconnect to the opener carriage. Remember, the emergency release cord is meant to be used as a temporary solution. If your garage door is stuck or will not operate, call us for garage door services. 

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Whether you need repairs, maintenance, or installation services, Garage Door Repair Woodinville, WA can help. We use trusted products for dependable repairs. Call for your appointment today!

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